PHP Class generator version 1.2.0, great new features

Source: GraFX 18 March 2009

We haven’t come up with anything new for the PHP Class Generator package for a while. It’s time to do so.

We are launching this new 1.2.0 version, with major changes, so that in the future we would convert it into a software generator (Fast Template Framework).

To this version we have added the possibility to use not only PRIMARY KEY, but to be able to send a whole WHERE to a class.

If until now it was like this

new ClassName (0) or new ClassName (PRIMARYKEY) and would have to SELECT fieldname1, fieldname2,fieldnameN WHERE fieldname1=PRIMARYKEY

now you can do like

new ClassName ("WHERE fieldname1='' AND fieldname2 LIKE %something% LIMIT 0,10)

It works the same with SAVE and DELETE, you can send the whole WHERE to a class.

Another new feature is UNDO.

If you create a table (its structure being in a class) you can have a history and the possibility to UNDO.
This way, for example, you can DELETE FROM table WHERE ... we will save an INSERT INTO table fieldname1,.....
At a SAVE we will save the previous data with an UPDATE SET (REPLACE)

This way, even if someone makes a mistake, the previous data can be recovered.

Tutorials will be available in few days.

Check this page for detailed descriptipon and DEMO